Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Camera and toy enables owners to remotely entertain pets with their iPhone

iPet Companion has already enabled internet users to remotely entertain cats in rescue shelters, and now a new device is bringing a similar idea into the home. Petcube is a camera and robotic laser that lets owners check up on their dog or cat when they’re out of the house, as well as play with them. Developed by Ukraine-based trio Alex Neskin, Yaroslav Azhnyuk and Andrey Klen, the Petcube takes the form of a stylish 10 x 10 x 10 cm box containing a wide angle camera, microphone and speaker. The device is connected to the household’s wifi and – through the Petcube mobile app – owners can then view a live video stream of their pet from any location. The speaker allows users to call their pets if they’re not in view, and the system also features a controllable laser pointer that can entertain the animals. Those downloading the app don’t need to have a Petcube – or even a pet – but can browse the public live feeds and play with other people’s pets.

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