Thursday, March 7, 2013

Smart sock can help joggers run better and detect injuries

We’ve seen wearable patches for horses that offer ultrasound therapy to treat muscular injuries, but could wearable tech help detect health problems in humans? The Sensoria sock includes a sensor that can not only inform the wearer of bad running habits, but also track their recovery. While regular joggers have become accustomed to apps and gadgets that accompany them on their run, many are tailored to provide statistics to help users hit targets to improve their general fitness. The Sensoria is a smart sensor that can be attached to a specially developed sock embedded with electronic fibers. The device can track not only the type of activity being performed, pace, distance and lap times, but also the user’s stance, running cadence, foot landing position and average stride length. When connected with the accompanying app, users are notified if their running style is over or under-pronated, which can cause damage to their feet. If an injury does occur, the Sensoria can be used to analyze improvement of their technique and let them know if the methods they’re using are working.

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